A very enjoyable Art Foundation course followed my childhood spent on farms in Cornwall and Wales, but a complete change of direction led me to Manchester to study Occupational Therapy. I worked with in-patients suffering from severe mental health disorders from 1990-2003. I was able to incorporate creative activity into the therapeutic programmes, and enjoyed helping people to cope with their lives, however, in 2003 to improve work/life balance, I took some of my own medicine(!) left the NHS, and returned to Art…  I moved again (why not?) to Cumbria – immersing myself in the art scene, and was really encouraged by quick selection for prestigious exhibitions (The Cumbrian Open, the High Head Open, and The Lake Artists’ Society exhibitions 2005 and 2006).

I currently paint at my home/studio in Corbridge – inspired by natural subjects. My flower studies are strong and dramatic, and I also create richly  coloured/textured abstracts (often landscapes),  usually produced by layering the media. Some work is very methodical, based on highly detailed drawings, whilst other pieces are loose and spontaneous – what I think of as ‘organic’ – experimentation being an essential part of the process. I sing as I work, and splatter paint about a lot – I just can’t help myself!